How Do We Know

...if we're making a difference?

How Do We Know (HDWK) is a set of in-person conversations, workshops, online exchanges, and a no-frills website that helps mediamakers — and those who love them — benefit from the changing landscape of “media impact measurement.” A companion, of sorts, to The Prenups: What Filmmakers and Funders Should Talk About Before Tying the Knot, How Do We Know research began with filmmaker focus groups because we wanted to understand their experiences with, and attitudes towards, evaluation. Conversations with media and issue funders are also revealing what they want to measure (in relationship to film), especially when creativity and emotion are part of the equation. Through these conversations and others with social scientists, evaluators, and other those who use media, we hope to shift perceptions (or practice) of evaluation away from top-down, summative judgments, to more creative, iterative, and collaborative processes that sharpen media’s unique contributions to social change.

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Check out HDWK’s companion project, Horticulture, a taxonomy that helps to clarify what kinds of impact assessment might be most useful for different kinds of media.

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