The Prenups

*COMING SOON* We’re updating The Prenups to include what creatives and advocates should talk about when designing healthy partnerships. Sign up here for updates on Prenups for Partners — heading down the aisle in 2017.

As powerful tools for building awareness and sparking action, more and more funders are supporting film production as strategic components of their grantmaking. The Prenups are based on dozens of interviews with smart people on all sides of the creative process, and offer tips for communicating about complex issues that range from who owns the content, to who gets editorial input, to how will we measure success? Since their release in 2009, The Prenups have been taught in film programs, recommended by grantmakers to their would-be grantees, and introduced to mediamakers internationally.

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The Prenups are designed to help filmmakers, funders, and advocates forge more productive relationships and avoid many of the common obstacles that hold projects back. The result? Better communication, clearer roles, and more time to focus on making powerful media to help solve the world’s problems.

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Download the guide by clicking on the image below:InterdependentMedia2009_Postcard_Front

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