It’s a Wrap! Why Active Voice is Shifting from Campaigns to Big Picture Strategy

21 Jan 2015 by Ellen Schneider

As we approach our 15th anniversary, Active Voice is moving in a new direction. Throughout 2015, we’ll be wrapping up …

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How We’re “Counting” on Documentaries: Three Questions for Social Change Filmmakers

6 Jul 2015 by Rebecca Hsu

AV Lab’s Director Ellen Schneider authored a blog post for The Media Impact Project, a media metrics resource hosted by …

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Moving ONWARD: An Immigrant Heritage Month Reflection

30 Jun 2015 by Steve Badua

AV’s Program Director Sahar Driver authored a blog post for Immigrant Heritage Month celebrating the unlikely friendship between her ultra-liberal Congolese …

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10-City Tour of ‘That Which I Love Destroys Me’ Kicks Off This Week in L.A.

9 Feb 2015 by Micael Bogar

The Powerful Documentary on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Tour Spotlights the Non-Profit, Justice For Vets, and their Push for the Creation of …

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Britdoc Impact Award and the Unsung Heroes

20 Nov 2014 by Shaady Salehi

Woohoo! Britdoc has announced the five winners of the Britdoc Impact Award, which celebrates documentaries that have made a significant impact on society. In …

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Measurement: Does It Matter What We’re Doing?

23 Oct 2014 by Shaady Salehi

Throughout Active Voice’s history, we’ve been quietly assessing the impact of our work. In recent years, we’ve been ramping that …

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Beyond Metrics: How Do We Know If We’re Making a Difference?

6 Oct 2014 by Shaady Salehi

As AV Lab gears up for the launch of How Do We Know, Ellen Schneider is headed to the Communications …

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Ferguson: A Tale of Two Narratives

29 Aug 2014 by Barrie McClune

It’s been several weeks since the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Here at Active Voice, we are …

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Are Meaningful Conversations Considered Social Impact?

26 Aug 2014 by Shaady Salehi

Sometimes the power of a film isn’t captured in overt metrics, but rather in the quality of interactions it can …

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The Results Are In!

13 Aug 2014 by Shaady Salehi

After 18 long months of undergoing our first ever comprehensive evaluation project, we’re excited to share the key findings of the …

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What Does The Participant Index Mean for Social Impact Films?

9 Jul 2014 by Shaady Salehi

On Monday, July 6th, The New York Times published a story about The Participant Index (TPI), a new formula developed by …

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A Hopeful Future for Storytelling

1 Jul 2014 by Shaady Salehi

Last weekend, over a hundred journalists, mediamakers, artists, and creatives came together in a quiet, meditative retreat center in the …

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“American Revolutionary”- Style Dialogue

23 Jun 2014 by Jillian Garcia Weinberg

“The time has come for a new dream. That’s what being a revolutionary is. I don’t know what the next …

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