AV Lab

How We’re “Counting” on Documentaries: Three Questions for Social Change Filmmakers

6 Jul 2015 by Rebecca Hsu

AV Lab’s Director Ellen Schneider authored a blog post for The Media Impact Project, a media metrics resource hosted by …

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It’s a Wrap! Why Active Voice is Shifting from Campaigns to Big Picture Strategy

21 Jan 2015 by Ellen Schneider

As we approach our 15th anniversary, Active Voice is moving in a new direction. Throughout 2015, we’ll be wrapping up …

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Measurement: Does It Matter What We’re Doing?

23 Oct 2014 by Shaady Salehi

Throughout Active Voice’s history, we’ve been quietly assessing the impact of our work. In recent years, we’ve been ramping that …

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Beyond Metrics: How Do We Know If We’re Making a Difference?

6 Oct 2014 by Shaady Salehi

As AV Lab gears up for the launch of How Do We Know, Ellen Schneider is headed to the Communications …

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You Know Your Film Has Made a Difference When…

25 Sep 2013 by Ellen Schneider

“I cried after my first big film was released,” she admitted, in hushed tones over the phone.  This was no …

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Using Film to Reach Beyond the Choir

19 Sep 2013 by Ellen Schneider

How many communications efforts focused on advancing change fail because we only talk to people who agree with us? Savvy …

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