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Prenups American Promise Who is Dayani Cristal? Kids for Cash

The Prenups: What Filmmakers and Funders Should Talk About Before Tying the Knot. Learn more.

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American Promise

American Promise is a feature-length documentary by Michèle Stephenson and Joe Brewster that follows two African American boys and their families from kindergarten through high school graduation. With a broadcast premiere on P.O.V. on Feb. 3rd, the film explores every parent’s common aspirations for their children, set against the real-life hurdles society poses for young Black men both inside and outside of the classroom. In addition to designing the strategy for using the film as part of a campaign to advance Black male achievement, Active Voice created a half-hour companion video, Behind Every Promise, with new testimonials from the boys as they reflect on moments in the film.

Who is Dayani Cristal?

Who is Dayani Cristal? by Gael García Bernal and Marc Silver, takes viewers on a journey to understand the story behind an unidentified migrant whose body was found along the U.S.-Mexico border. Tracing his footsteps in the days leading up to his death, the film leaves us wondering: what would you sacrifice for the ones you love? As the film gears up for a theatrical release in late spring, Active Voice is spearheading a series of screenings to advance policies and programs that protect the humanity and dignity of migrants.

Kids for Cash

Kids for Cash is a riveting look behind a notorious judicial scandal that rocked the nation, exposing a need for juvenile justice system reform that works on behalf of children and families. With the majority of support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, as well as the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Active Voice is conducting a multi-city tour of screenings in states at the forefront of the movement, engaging influentials in dialogue and action in support of state-based juvenile justice reform.

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