The C.H.E.C.K. List

Films — especially those that feature complex and fascinating characters — can reach people on an immediate and emotional level, opening them up to new ideas and possibilities.

Tapping into this special power, Active Voice selects well-crafted films to animate efforts to build a more inclusive, socially just world. With a little guidance from our team, we’ve seen films help audiences recognize shared values and common interests, allowing them to start the conversations and relationships that lead to lasting change. The Active Voice C.H.E.C.K. List breaks down some of the unique qualities that make film such an effective tool.

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Whether in a theater, classroom, or living room, film provides a common, shared experience from which viewers with varied perspectives can begin a conversation.

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By tapping into the intimacy of people’s stories, film can reveal the human implications of policies and social issues that often get abstracted in headlines and data.

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People have values that transcend right and left, red and blue, urban and rural. A character-driven film can help viewers identify with the struggles and triumphs of others, and walk in their shoes.

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Filmmakers often stay with a story long enough to capture personal and institutional transformation in the making, allowing viewers to witness change over time, and illustrating that change is possible.

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Vivid, character-driven stories can open up new modes of thinking that inspire people to tell their own stories, share ideas, and even take action.

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DOWNLOAD the C.H.E.C.K. List.
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