Since 2001, Active Voice has been the field leader in strategy, implementation, and evaluation of impact-oriented film campaigns. Throughout 2015, we will be wrapping up our film campaigns and campaign-related services and refocusing on big picture strategy. Check back soon for expanded service offerings – including consulting, assessment and model design — from Active Voice Lab.


Every powerful story deserves a strategy -- because even though film can be a potent tool for change, it needs a sound plan on how to reach its potential.


Through film screenings, strategic partnerships, and tools for dialogue and action, our campaigns harness the power of story to activate, ignite, and strengthen movements for social change.


We help filmmakers, organizations, and foundations tackle tough questions about using story to advance measurable goals, while tailoring our services to different needs.


We immerse ourselves in the issues, needs, and cultures of the social movements we collaborate with, designing multi-film initiatives that are geared toward addressing the bigger picture.

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