We support ongoing movements over time.

Since 2001, Active Voice has fueled social change on issues ranging from childbirth to the Supreme Court, from apartheid in South Africa to Agent Orange in Vietnam. But we all know that it takes time and persistence to solve deep problems. At Active Voice, we take films further, embedding them into the ongoing work of social movements. For certain movements in particular, we have assembled an ongoing roster of powerful stories that continue to spark new alliances and keep the issues and heroes in the public spotlight.

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Shifting the Narrative: The Global Lives Initiative. We’ve been bringing to light stories of the immigrant experience for over a decade. Read more.

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Reforming our Systems: The Justice Portfolio. We have a decade-long involvement with stories and leading organizations that illuminate outdated and unjust policies that cripple families and disproportionally affect African Americans. Read more.

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Building Inclusive Movements: The LGBT Initiative. We are working with powerful stories to build a stronger movement that is inclusive of all people. Read more.

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Challenging Stereotypes: The Muslims in America Initiative. We’ve amplified narratives about American Muslims since 2002. Read more.

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