We help funders, advocates, creatives and other leaders strive together for social justice.


In today’s filmmaking climate, what does “impact” mean?

We’re inviting established and new leaders in the field to one-on-one conversations and small group discussions to interrogate the current state and future of “impact.”

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Our Most Popular Frameworks

Active Voice Lab conceives, street-tests, and shares tools that increase the social impact of creative content.

Practical suggestions for making sense of how the impact of creative media can—or should— be assessed and maximized over time.

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Workshops, presentations, and guidelines that identify common issues and propose solutions to help partners work together more effectively.

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What do you hope your story will do? Read more about how "Horticulture" is helping creatives, curators, and advocates make smart decisions.

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Check out Our Research

Active Voice Lab distills trends based on decades of hands-on experience using television, movies, digital, and place-basedstorytelling to contribute to social movements. Our hand-picked network of experts keeps us on the right track and the cutting edge.

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We're Committed to Impact

Let us help you heighten the impact of your media-fueled initiative, your grantmaking, or your story-based project. Working closely with your team, we can bring seasoned knowledge to your existing strategy, or create an interactive ACTivate plan that helps you align your objectives, partnerships, and distribution.

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Our "Horticulture" Metaphor

resource that allows media makers, funders and allies to communicate more effectively — and what questions to ask about impact along the way.


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Of course, this film has “impact.” 

Friday, February 16th, 2024

By Ellen Schneider

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