The Results Are In!

13 Aug 2014 by Shaady Salehi

After 18 long months of undergoing our first ever comprehensive evaluation project, we’re excited to share the key findings of the...

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What Does The Participant Index Mean for Social Impact Films?

9 Jul 2014 by Shaady Salehi

On Monday, July 6th, The New York Times published a story about The Participant Index (TPI), a new formula developed by...

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A Hopeful Future for Storytelling

1 Jul 2014 by Shaady Salehi

Last weekend, over a hundred journalists, mediamakers, artists, and creatives came together in a quiet, meditative retreat center in the...

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The Little Film That Could: What Impact Really Looks Like

18 Apr 2013 by Shaady Salehi

On a chilly spring day in 2006, a group of congressional staffers convened at the National Press Club to watch a documentary called A Doula Story

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Can Film and Dialogue Change The World?

6 Oct 2012 by Shaady Salehi

As another presidential election lingers on the horizon, we’re once again reminded of the seemingly irreparable divide that plagues our...

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