Forming a cohesive movement to build economically sustainable communities

About the Project

In Fixing the Future, host David Brancaccio (of NOW on PBS) visits locations across America that are successfully using sustainable approaches to create jobs and build prosperity. Featuring innovative models like local business alliances, worker cooperatives, and community banking, Fixing the Future inspires hope and renewal amidst economic collapse. Rarely has solutions-oriented journalism like this been used to jumpstart or strengthen local efforts toward building a sustainable economy. After a successful 2011 pilot campaign using the PBS version of the documentary in Detroit, Santa Fe, and Oakland, Active Voice teamed up with JumpStart Productions and Area23a to bring a new, never-before-seen theatrical version of the film to dozens of cities and towns nationwide. In July 2012, 60 organizations around the country hosted screenings of the documentary, presented local calls-to-action, and inspired coalition-building and long-term planning toward incorporating sustainable practices in their communities.

Our Work

  • Braintrust and strategy development
  • National and local partnerships
  • "Pilot" screenings in three communities at different levels of sustainability
  • Grassroots mobilization around one-night-only theatrical release, with customized local action steps
  • Grassroots marketing via social and traditional media
  • Coordination of live post-screening discussion (broadcast via satellite)
  • Website conceptualization and maintenance
  • Capacity building for screening hosts, including webinars and screening toolkits


  • New and strengthened relationships among sustainability organizations in communities nationwide
  • Nearly 6,000 people participated in the national screening event
  • New members signed on to local sustainable initiatives
  • hOur World reported a 50% increase in participation in time banks nationwide

Key Partners

  • JumpStart Productions
  • Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE)
  • hOur World
  • Transition US
  • American Sustainable Business Council
  • US Federation of Worker Cooperatives
  • Area23a

Film Trailer

Filmmaker John Siceloff




  • Fixing the Future Screening Toolkit

    This toolkit is designed to help organizations use the stories presented in the film to jumpstart or reinforce community actions around strengthening local economies.