Increasing access to healthy food in underserved communities

About the Project

Food, Inc., the Academy Award-nominated documentary by Robert Kenner, lifts the veil on America’s highly mechanized, corporate-controlled food industry. Through compelling personal narratives and interviews with food policy experts, Food, Inc. exposes an industry that is an increasing threat to the health of consumers, the safety of workers, and the future of the environment. With a vision of tackling this problem where it was most pronounced, Active Voice and Participant Media launched the Ingredients for Change Campaign, a year-long initiative that brought the film to decision makers and leaders in low-income communities lacking access to nutritional foods. As a result of our work, 30 communities launched and/or generated support for local initiatives to combat child obesity.

YouTube Playlist: IFC Local Food Heroes

Our Work

  • 30 local braintrusts
  • 30 community screenings, accompanied by panel discussions and dialogues
  • Capacity building among community-based groups, helping them use the film to advance local goals
  • Action and Resource Guides in English and Spanish
  • Peer-learning network, quarterly newsletter, and blog


  • Advancement of local initiatives and policies to combat childhood obesity
  • Strengthened coalitions in 30 communities
  • Engagement and action among people "beyond the choir"

Key Partners

  • Participant Media
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Film Trailer

Filmmaker Robert Kenner

Film Website



  • "Ingredients for Change" Community Action Guide

    Specifically designed to inspire community dialogue pertaining to food access issues, obesity, and other diet-related health problems, the Action Guide establishes clear connections between public health issues and the film's main overarching themes of industrial agriculture and modern U.S. food policy. Download the guide here.

  • "Ingredients for Change" Event Planning Toolkit

    Outlines the objectives of the "Ingredients for Change" Campaign, and provides concrete steps for creating effective and impactful events. Download the toolkit here.