Connecting lessons from the anti-apartheid struggle to modern day movements for social change

About the Project

Have You Heard From Johannesburg is an Emmy Award-winning seven-part documentary series that shines light on the global citizens movements that took on South Africa’s apartheid regime. With a vision of inspiring everyday people to tackle modern-day injustices, Active Voice designed an international media and community engagement campaign to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela. Our effort used the decades-long anti-apartheid struggle and its unprecedented victory to inspire veteran and emerging “global citizens” around the world.

Our Work

  • Campaign strategy development (communications, distribution, partnership, and audience engagement)
  • Several braintrusts and focus groups
  • Partnership development, including international alliances
  • 65+ pre-broadcast screenings in seven countries
  • Event Planning Toolkit, Discussion Guide, and Specialized Curricula
  • Production of short videos spotlighting our partners' work with the film


  • Inter-generational dialogue in seven countries
  • Increased capacity of 17 national and international organizations to use film as a tool
  • New alliances with groups "beyond the choir"
  • Heightened networking among organizations around the world

Key Partners

  • Clarity Films
  • Steps International
  • Ford Foundation
  • Auburn Seminary
  • Breakthrough
  • Film Aid International
  • Soccer without Borders
  • Sport in Society

Film Trailer

Filmmaker Connie Field

Film Website



  • Have You Heard From Johannesburg Discussion Guide

    The guide is designed to help viewers use the seven-part series as a springboard for dialogue on a range of themes and issues related to the global anti-apartheid movement: human rights, social justice, race relations, civic engagement, global citizenship, and economic justice. It suggests overarching discussion questions about the entire series, and also allows viewers to delve deeper into the episodes and explore key themes. Download the guide here.