Mobilizing support to end child slavery in the U.S. and abroad

About the Project

Adapted from the novel by Patricia McCormick, SOLD tells the story of a young Nepalese girl who is sold into sexual slavery in India. The film — executive produced by Oscar-winner Emma Thompson and directed by Academy Award-winner Jeffrey D. Brown — is based on true accounts of survivors of a horrifying crime experienced by millions of girls every year worldwide. With a vision of using the film’s theatrical release as a catalyst for change, Active Voice conducted research and engaged international field leaders to develop a phased plan to use the film as a tool to raise awareness about the problem, spotlight the reality of sexual slavery in the United States, and increase social services and support for survivors of the sex trade.

Our Work

  • Landscape research
  • National braintrust in Washington, DC
  • Development of comprehensive social impact plan, including strategies for broad awareness-raising and targeted institutional change
  • Development of campaign messaging and calls to action
  • Partner cultivation


  • Interest and involvement from major national and international organizations
  • Clear campaign objectives, target audiences, and geographic focus for the social impact campaign
  • Interest from funders to support the social impact campaign