Building the national movement for internet privacy

About the Project

Terms and Conditions May Apply, directed by Cullen Hoback, exposes what corporations and the government are learning about you with every website you visit, phone call you make, or app you download, with stories so unbelievable they’re almost funny. With organizations nationwide working to secure our rights to privacy, Active Voice wanted to make this work visible as the film premiered at theaters in Summer 2013. Working in tandem with the release, we collaborated with privacy advocacy groups to mobilize thousands of people around the country, engage audiences beyond the choir, and generate greater awareness and support for privacy standards.

Our Work

  • National braintrust
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Partnership cultivation with leading advocacy groups
  • Coordination of all moving parts, including distributors, advocates, and PR team
  • Design and coordination of panel discussions in 11 theatrical markets
  • Online screening
  • Capitol Hill screening
  • Video clips and discussion guide for advocacy groups


  • Theatrical releases in 20 cities (reaching over 5,000 people), with nearly sold-out openings in four markets
  • 2,750 people simultaneously watched the online screening and the post-screening AMA hit reddit's front page with 500+ comments
  • 18,000 email actions pushing local congresspeople to see the film
  • Significant social media engagement, including 250,000 views of the YouTube trailer, over 2,600 TACMA Facebook fans, and over 1,000 TACMA Twitter followers
  • Active involvement of at least seven national organizations

Key Partners

  • Hyrax Films
  • Ford Foundation
  • Spitfire Strategies
  • pivot.tv
  • Demand Progress
  • ACLU
  • Free Press
  • Center for Media Justice

Film Trailer

Filmmaker Cullen Hoback





  • TACMA Discussion Guide

    The discussion and activity guide is designed to help audiences explore the issues of Internet surveillance and privacy as they relate to their own online and phone behavior. Download the guide here.