Forging a stronger, more inclusive movement for LGBT rights

About the Project

The New Black takes viewers into the pews and onto the streets, capturing the complex intersection between faith, racial justice, and LGBT rights. With a focus on the campaigns for and against Maryland’s 2012 Question 6 ballot initiative about same-sex marriage, the film sheds light on both sides of the debate, while inter-weaving perspectives of everyday people grappling with their stance on the issues. Active Voice got involved in the early stages of the film’s production, strategizing with director Yoruba Richen on how to harness the power of this multi-layered film to contribute to a stronger movement for LGBT rights. After conducting a series of focus groups, braintrusts, and stakeholder interviews, we developed a comprehensive campaign strategy for the film, complete with measurable objectives, recommended partnerships, activities to reach target audiences, and metrics for success.

Our Work

  • Online focus groups with community-based networks
  • Two national-level braintrusts
  • Partner development
  • Funder cultivation
  • Campaign strategy development


  • Full campaign plan with measurable objectives, targeted activities, and metrics for success
  • A range of national organizations committed to joining the campaign
  • New interest from potential funders

Key Partners

  • Ford Foundation
  • National Black Justice Coalition
  • Human Rights Watch

Film Trailer

Filmmaker Yoruba Richen