ACTivating Stories for System Change

Dear Friends,
What a fraught and dynamic time this is. Throughout Active Voice/Lab’s 20 years, our aim has always been to fuel captivating stories to help people grasp the systems that perpetuate racism, poverty, nativism, sexism, and other obstacles to equity — not just the isolated behaviors. If you’re a media maker, funder, or any leader who seeks to propel the power of stories to spur racial and social justice movement building, we stand with you.

Going forward, we’re offering an interactive planning tool called ACTivate to anyone who wants to sharpen their strategies for story-fueled impact through a justice lens. You can now find it on this section of our website. 

You can map out the sectors in your issue Ecosystem, brainstorm how to bring research and policy allies into your design process, and envision where your story will have maximum influence immediately, and over time. (You can also toggle back and forth with Prenups for Partners to navigate real-world details like creative control, partnership roles, one night stands, etc.) 

These times call for intense energy and collaboration. I’m honored to be in this moment with you. 

Ellen + Active Voice Lab