The Results Are In!

After 18 long months of undergoing our first ever comprehensive evaluation project, we’re excited to share the key findings of the Take Your Place Community Campaign. The campaign’s overall goal was to use screenings of A Place at the Table to tackle the root causes of hunger and obesity in communities with high levels of food insecurity. To understand the film’s contribution toward this big, long-term goal, we focused in on shorter-term, localized outcomes among individuals, organizations, and communities. And here’s what we found. (Download the PDF.)

This project was an AV team effort, and was initiated by Ellen Schneider, Director of Active Voice Lab, with input from an expert working group of advisors. Special shout out to our Research & Evaluation Manager Dina de Veer who brilliantly conducted and shepherded this study, including developing the research methods and analyzing the data; and our Senior Program Coordinator Barrie McClune who tirelessly managed the film campaign.

And many, many thanks to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Nathan Cummings Foundation for making it all possible.


Featured Image by Michael Stern