The Clout of Creativity: An Update From Active Voice Lab

No, it isn’t a stunt. We hadn’t planned for the launch of our new website to coincide with the arrival of a new team in the White House. But we’re taking advantage of the timing by turning up our volume and doubling down on our commitment to creative social justice strategies.

Active Voice Lab (and our predecessor, Active Voice) has always worked closely with creatives, funders, advocates, social scientists, community organizers and other change-makers to help integrate powerful stories into movement building. But we couldn’t have imagined these new, looming threats to racial justice, immigration, health care, public resources and more. With our sleeves rolled up, we’re intensifying the “Active” part of our name, offering free tools and new initiatives for all of our allies.

– Whether you fund, make, or need media, start with some navigational tips on our homepage.

– Stories are key when we work for justice. But let’s go deeper: Do you want to use stories and culture to bring people together across divides? Or to galvanize people who are already “in the choir”? Check out Horticulture, a way to think and communicate about the different ways that particular kinds of stories can help contribute to social change. (Learn why our How Do We Know advisors came up with the Sprinkler, our newest garden tool.)

Collaboration — wherein aligned individuals and groups bring their best assets and experience to the table — will be imperative in 2017 and beyond. But even though creatives, funders, advocates and others may share values, the way you work together can differ significantly from your expectations. What should you talk about before you “tie the knot” with a new partner, donor, or other ally? We’re digging into these questions by updating Prenups for Partners, thanks to recent funding from the MacArthur Foundation.

Based on the experiences of media makers we’ve worked with for decades, the wide range of funders we’ve partnered with, and the hundreds of allies who have used media and culture to support students, immigrants, communities of color, low-income families, social entrepreneurs, and more, we’re humbled and thrilled to bring these street-tested ideas under one digital roof. We have so much to learn and act upon…with you.

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Lead images by (from left to right):
1. Counterpoints’ “Arts & Social Change” Retreat © 2016 Jillian Edelstein
2. © Mihajlo Maricic | Alamy Stock Photo
3. NOT WITHOUT US ©2016 Kontent Films