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What Does The Participant Index Mean for Social Impact Films?

9 Jul 2014 by Shaady Salehi

On Monday, July 6th, The New York Times published a story about The Participant Index (TPI), a new formula developed by...

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A Hopeful Future for Storytelling

1 Jul 2014 by Shaady Salehi

Last weekend, over a hundred journalists, mediamakers, artists, and creatives came together in a quiet, meditative retreat center in the...

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“American Revolutionary”- Style Dialogue

23 Jun 2014 by Jillian Garcia Weinberg

“The time has come for a new dream. That’s what being a revolutionary is. I don’t know what the next...

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A Fresh Look For Summer

11 Jun 2014 by Ellen Schneider

We are so glad – and yes, relieved – to announce the launch of our new website! Sure, our former...

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A Living Collection of Personal Immigration Stories

17 Nov 2013 by Nicole Wong

Thirty years ago, my parents and two older brothers moved from New Zealand to the San Francisco Bay Area, leaving...

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