Active Voice Lab helps foundations, individual donors, and organizations make informed decisions about investment in creative media for innovation and impact — especially when impact is the priority. We bring over 20 years of on-the-ground expertise to each unique inquiry.

Our consulting clients include:

Assignment: What tools are needed to support genuine collaborations among social entrepreneurs, storytellers, and funders, while protecting artistic excellence?

Assignment: Why do most partnerships need a Prenup? What should creatives, funders, and other changemakers know about each other before they tie the knot?


Assignment: What is Narrative Change, who’s working in the field, and how might a foundation contribute to sustained creative strategies?

Assignment: How can foundations and grassroots allies leverage “entertainment that inspires and compels social change”?

Assignment: What does a start-up hub need to know about collaborations among the entertainment industry, scientists, and other evidence-based innovators?


Assignment: How can two potent stories about the privatization of education become a rallying cry for communities across the country to fight for education equity through system-based lens?

The Whitman Institute

Assignment: What does the concept of “trust-based philanthropy” mean to social change grantees, funders, and movement builders?

Assignment: How does a foundation navigate the path between story and change?

Assignment: How can a global foundation leverage the power of film across borders and over time?

Assignment: How can funders use film and other media to build awareness and help shape fair and humane public policies? 

Assignment: What is Narrative Change in the context of community organizing? How are grantees defining and incorporating these practices?

Assignment: How can documentary filmmakers, program strands, channels, and stations collaborate to advance public media’s mission and service?

Assignment: What strategic approaches to media grantmaking might support the growing social entrepreneurship movement?


Let us help you heighten the impact of your media-fueled initiative, your grantmaking, or your story-based project. Working closely with your team, we can bring seasoned knowledge to your existing strategy, or create an interactive ACTivate plan that helps you align your objectives, partnerships, and distribution.