“Stories of Change Lab” at the Sundance Creative Producing Summit [October 2017]

13 Feb 2018 by Maya Worthy

October 20, 2017 Thanks to the Sundance Institute and the Skoll Foundation, Active Voice Lab once again had the honor...

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“Before You Tie the Knot: Awkward but Essential Conversations for Filmmakers & Partners” at the David Brower Center [October 2017]

by Maya Worthy

PRENUPS for PARTNERS debuted at The David Brower Center on October 25th to a lively group of seasoned and first-time...

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“Prenups for Partners” at The New School [September 2017]

15 Nov 2017 by Maya Worthy

September 27, 2017 What do budding media managers need to know about creatives, money, and power? Thanks to instructor Neyda...

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“Prenups for Partners” at Kindling Group [June 2017]

26 Jul 2017 by Maya Worthy

June 26, 2017 Prenups for Partners—a series of workshops, presentations, and web-based guidelines—will identify common issues and propose solutions to...

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