We love our devices and screens as much as the next Lab does, but when it comes to learning about what really makes someone (or some community) tick, there’s nothing like connecting face to face. We’ve had the privilege of swapping ideas with some of the most ecosystem-friendly organizations around—groups that, like us, are experimenting with the chemistry of story and strategy.

Featured Image by Barak Shrama

  • “Beyond Calls to Action: Social Impact Producing for Non-Advocacy Docs” at the Center for New American Media [September 2017]
  • “Storytelling as a Path toward Social Change” at the Society for the Study of Social Problems [August 2017]
  • “Tongues Untied” on OVEE [June 2017]
  • “How Do We Know if Our Films Are Making a Difference?” at San Francisco Green Film Festival [April 2017]
  • “Why We Need to Sharpen Our Tools” at frank2017 [March 2017]
  • The Arts of Social Change: Migration
  • How Do We Know Workshop for BAVC MediaMaker Fellows
  • IVOH Restorative Narrative Colloquium
  • “LGBTQ Film As an Agent of Social Change: Then and Now” at Frameline40
  • “Truth and Consequences: Media Artists Impacting Policy” at NAMAC
  • “So You Want To Be An Impact Producer…” at HotDocs 2016
  • Storytelling & Strategic Communications Workshop at UCLA Luskin
  • What is PopJustice?
  • “How Do We Know: Defining Social Impact in Storytelling” at NCG
  • “Changing Culture: How Do We Know If We’re Making a Difference?” at Hewlett Foundation
  • ITVS Knowledge Sharing Seminar: “Horticulture Tools as Metaphor”
  • “Evaluating Impact: Challenges and Opportunities in Working with Impact Metrics in Documentary” at IDFA
  • Horticulture at Global Witness
  • “Defining Impact with Ellen Schneider” at Chicago Media Project
  • Horticulture at Firelight Producers Lab Retreat
  • “Communications and Evaluation: Kindred Spirits or Mortal Enemies?” at ComNet 2015
  • Horticulture at ChangeUp (Inspirit Foundation)
  • “Video Shorts: Picking the Story that’s Right for Your Cause” at Netroots Nation
  • “Measuring Creativity: Defining Social Impact in Storytelling” at Centre for Social Innovation
  • Horticulture at Kartemquin Films
  • “Beyond Metrics: How Do We Know If We’re Making a Difference?” at ComNet 2014