How Do We Know Workshop for BAVC MediaMaker Fellows

JULY 25, 2016

Active Voice Lab recently led a How Do We Know workshop for BAVC MediaMaker fellows. Since 1991, BAVC’s National MediaMaker Fellowship has provided in-kind training and production grants for independent artists at work on social-issue film and multimedia projects, with a particular focus on supporting emerging artists and underserved communities. The National MediaMaker Fellowship builds an engaged national community of creative media artists from diverse fields, increases their capacity for project completion and lasting impact, and inspires new partnerships and collaboration to support future work. AV Lab worked with the fellows to help them better define and make smarter choices around how they want their projects to contribute to social, cultural, and policy change.

Watch BAVC’s video about the National MediaMaker fellowship, featuring Ellen and former AV staffer Shaady Salehi, below:


Lead photo by 2016 BAVC MediaMaker Fellow Bridgette Auger, from her film We Are Not Princesses.