Storytelling & Strategic Communications Workshop at UCLA Luskin

APRIL 14-15, 2016

Active Voice Lab’s director Ellen Schneider will present Horticulture to a group of students and alumni of the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, along with case studies that demonstrate how digital stories containing data and research have influenced policy issues and led to social change. See below for UCLA’s description of the workshop:

UCLA Luskin students and alumni will explore how public affairs professionals can use digital storytelling and digital mediums to simplify complex issues, better engage with their audience, and create social change.

The purpose of this training is to shed light on how strategic communications (via digital technologies) can strengthen our efforts at research, scholarship, and advocacy. How have documentary films, web videos, and social media intervened in and transformed policy discussions? Through case studies and group exercises participants will examine how stories can help us connect to data and research in more personal ways. Participants will develop their own digital story and present their projects before UCLA Luskin faculty, alumni, and professionals.

This workshop is part of a larger project at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs to generate research and training around the practical implications of digital technologies. The UCLA Luskin Digital Initiative provides a forum for building management capacity across and between the public and private sectors, while reducing the digital divide.

Workshop Presenters: