“Before You Tie the Knot: Awkward but Essential Conversations for Filmmakers & Partners” at the David Brower Center [October 2017]

PRENUPS for PARTNERS debuted at The David Brower Center on October 25th to a lively group of seasoned and first-time filmmakers. We got a kick out of the all-too-familiar awkward filmmaker/advocate/funder/distributor scenarios played out by our non-actor panel. If only these hypothetical partnerships has discussed MISSION.METHOD.MONEY.MOBILITY ahead of time!

Special thanks to the Berkeley Film Foundation and Sahar Driver for making this an event to remember. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to download The Prenups: What Funders and Creatives Should Talk about Before Tying the Knot & stay tuned for more on PRENUPS FOR PARTNERS.

Whether you’ve worked with film previously, or if it’s your first time, there are some valuable treasures of advice in here. Give it a watch if you’ve got some free time.