“Video Shorts: Picking the Story that’s Right for Your Cause” at Netroots Nation

JULY 16, 2015

AV Lab’s director Ellen Schneider and former AV staff Sahar Driver presented Horticulture in the workshop Video Shorts: Picking the Story that’s Right for Your Cause at Netroots Nation 2015 conference. Workshop description below:

Using media is a must for activists. But how do you select the best story to catalyze action? Do you want to bring people of different perspectives together, or drive home a particular policy solution? And how will you measure impact? This workshop will help activists who use and/or produce short videos and other story-based media to employ a practical framework for assessing a video’s strengths against the social, cultural and policy change goals they seek. We’ll use Active Voice’s 2015 ONWARD campaign, which draws on a curated platform of immigration-focused stories, as a real-time example and feature local case-studies of Arizona-based activists who have used impactful short videos to advance their work.