If you’re a social changemaker in the 21st century, character-rich media is a must. Savvy leaders of organizations, networks, think tanks, and even faith-based groups are turning to creatives (and funders) to help them put human faces on their issues, data, and programs. Think about what An Inconvenient Truth did for the climate change movement; how Blackfish blew the whistle on behalf of captive sea mammals; how even a short animated film about child labor is starting to protect kids from India’s carpet industry.

Active Voice Lab, and previously Active Voice and POV, has worked with hundreds of organizations as they’ve experimented with using these narratives to build awareness, empathy, and even financial support for their important work. There’s no how-to handbook for this because every story, just like every campaign or project, is unique. In fact, the deeper and more nuanced the stories are, the more thoughtful the planning must be. We guarantee that planning is worth it, and we’d like to share some ideas to help you make informed decisions and track your progress along the way

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