Of course, this film has “impact.” 

16 Feb 2024 by Ellen Schneider

Oh, wait. What? Whatever we call it — impact, social action, engagement, etc.– many independent creatives are taking a rigorous look...

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Funders are Listening

8 Feb 2021 by Ellen Schneider

Dear Friends, Now that we’re pretty sure there will not be a white nationalist/anti-government extremist coup on the federal government this month, and...

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Sahar Driver: Active Voice’s Moral Compass

11 Dec 2020 by Ellen Schneider

While taking stock of 2020, leaders like Sahar Driver, Shaady Salehi, and Sonya Childress shine bright in a very difficult...

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Shaady Salehi: Active Voice’s 2nd Executive Director

2 Dec 2020 by Ellen Schneider

How do extraordinary leaders optimize their practice over time? Looking back on our 20 years of “story, strategy and sustained...

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Sonya Childress: Active Voice Pioneer

16 Nov 2020 by Ellen Schneider

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we’ve asked three brilliant women to reflect on their early, indelible contributions to Active Voice....

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