“Can We Bring the Swastika?”

26 Oct 2017 by Ellen Schneider

Apparently that’s a frequently asked question of Occidental Dissent, the “group” that’s organizing the first post-Charlottesville “White Lives Matter” rally...

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How Do We Know . . . if Shovels Work?

25 Jul 2017 by Lindsay Green-Barber

*This is the third post in our new “Ask the Evaluators!” series, exploring real-world assessment of recent media projects to...

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Strange Bedfellows: True Crime TV + Pride

1 Jun 2017 by Ellen Schneider

Here at Active Voice Lab, we’re celebrating Pride Month by honoring the storytellers who have changed the cultural narrative to...

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How Do We Know…If Wheelbarrows Work?

18 May 2017 by Johanna Blakley

by Johanna Blakley, Managing Director at the Norman Lear Center *This is the second post in our new “Ask the Evaluators!” series, exploring...

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What is “Ask the Evaluators”?

17 May 2017 by Jessica Sperling

by Jessica Sperling, PhD, Manager, Evaluation & Engagement at Duke University’s Social Science Research Institute *This is the first post...

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