Why Some Stories Are Worth Waiting For

3 May 2017 by Ellen Schneider

Despite the rush to make films shorter, punchier, and more quickly, lots of stories with a strong point of view...

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The Clout of Creativity: An Update From Active Voice Lab

19 Apr 2017 by Ellen Schneider

No, it isn’t a stunt. We hadn’t planned for the launch of our new website to coincide with the arrival...

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The Arts of Social Change: Migration

5 Nov 2016 by Ellen Schneider

Last month London-based Counterpoints Arts (with support from Unbound Philanthropy and Social Change Initiative) invited a small group of media makers, visual...

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“How Do We Know: Defining Social Impact in Storytelling” at Northern California Grantmakers

10 Mar 2016 by Ellen Schneider

We are long-time fans of Northern California Grantmakers (NCG), a regional funder affinity group that takes media seriously. And we couldn’t...

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“Changing Culture: How Do We Know If We’re Making a Difference?” at Hewlett Foundation

9 Feb 2016 by Ellen Schneider

Our semi-annual HDWK/Philanthropy event with the Hewlett Foundation focused on the role of foundations in “culture change.” What does this...

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