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Prenups for Partners - Mobility

What Happens When Things Change?

Most storytelling is fluid and dynamic. Social-change organizations are focused on change — which means that their programs are designed to respond to external shifts. Can straight talk about mission, methodology, money, and more help prepare for changes that inevitably occur in the course of a creative collaboration? Can opportunities emerge from left field, new people, and the unpredictable swings of real life?

Feel free to use the headers as guides, customize the sub-questions, or address as much of this inquiry as you like. Whatever works for you.

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What possible changes in the subjects’ lives might the storyteller anticipate? (For example, if the “protagonist” drops out or takes a radical turn?)How might those changes affect the characters, story, schedule and budget?What if a protagonist’s status changes in the eyes of their community?What are your obligations to your subjects if you find an alternative storyline?What are your responsibilities if your protagonist’s situation gets dangerous?What if the change-maker or funder doesn’t like the final outcome of the story or the story isn’t fully resolved or doesn’t result in a “happy ending?”What if the change-maker’s leadership feels that the story doesn’t meet their standards or expectations?

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